EarthVectors Inc.

Thank you for your interest in EarthVectors. We have offered software development services and a range of IT consulting services to Hemophilia Treatment Centers and specialty pharmacies since 2004. Currently we work exclusively with the American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN). We are building web based services that will help ATHN and the treatment centers it represents increase the effectiveness of care for hemophilia and thrombophilia patients.

My intimate knowledge of the health care systems in hemophilia stems from 30 plus years as a patient. I have severe hemophilia which has required intense treatment since infancy. In 2004, after a long hear to heart with my physicians and pharmacists it became clear that the future of hemophilia care hinged on the adoption more advanced technologies to share information between treatment providers. This technology would need to support day to day care as well as research. Since that day, EarthVectors’ mission has been to create and implement those technologies.

‐ Lew Parker, Founder

EarthVectors Inc.
780 Magnolia Street
Denver, Colorado 80220

Lew Parker MBA, MSIS
twitter: parker_evi
github: parkerl

The next time you see me, ask me why there are no posts here. I will undoubtedly have some excuse like "work".
‐ Lew